To my dear friend,

When I was in elementary school I used to check out a book from the library repeatedly. It was about bigfoot. It was a large book, probably from the early 80’s or the late 70’s. Like a lot of books from that era, the glossy color photos were not dispersed throughout the book, they were all bunched together in the middle of the book. These photos were the kind that you usually saw associated with bigfoot. The one still frame from that film of the bigfoot walking, right where it had turned its head to the…

Dear Friend,

For Christmas,1984, my family was given a VCR. This was the first one that we had owned, and I remember the frustration of my stepfather Jim when he could not get the clock to work.

I had friends who had VCRs, and my sister’s sister (who was the daughter of my then stepfather Jim and thus she was my step-sister at the time) had one along with a wall of video cassettes. VCRs were still pretty expensive at the time, and tapes even more so. …

Benjamin Shepard

I write things, usually in the form of letters to friends.

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